When to increase bot license

Hi Guys, I have one interview question when to increase the bot license? I told based on volume we needed to increase the bot license. I would like to know if there are any other parameters we need to consider for the same!

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Hi @gokulvasant ,
I think it based on demand use of company
what is that company use rpa for? (outsource or product)
how many process? attended or un…etc

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increase a bot license in UiPath, you should consider several factors

  1. Volume: As you mentioned, the number of transactions or processes your bots handle is a critical factor. If the current license limits are consistently being reached or exceeded, it’s a strong indicator that you may need to upgrade.
  2. Complexity: Some processes or automations may be more complex and resource-intensive than others. If you’re implementing more complex workflows that demand higher processing power, you might need to upgrade the license to accommodate these requirements.
  3. Concurrency: The number of bots running concurrently is another important consideration. If you need to run more bots simultaneously to meet your business needs, you’ll likely need a higher level of licensing.
  4. Scalability: Consider your organization’s growth plans. If you anticipate an increase in the number of processes to be automated or a larger user base for the bots, it’s wise to plan for scalability and upgrade the license accordingly.
  5. Performance: Monitor the performance of your bots. If you notice bottlenecks, delays, or resource constraints that impact efficiency, it may be a sign that you need a more robust license.
  6. Compliance: Ensure that your bot usage aligns with licensing terms and compliance requirements set by UiPath or your organization. Upgrading may be necessary to remain in compliance.
  7. Budget:Of course, consider your budget constraints. Balancing the need for more licenses with available resources is essential.


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