When should my company purchase additional robot?


So my company just recently started a pilot RPA using UiPath and deployed 1 attended robot.
And now I am tasked to create criteria (or threshold) of “when we should add a new robot” (a new license).
So far what I can think is by using utilization & number of process, but I cant figure out the numbers (like at what % of utilization/ what # of processes).
Any Idea of what numbers or criteria to fill? Already searched the internet and cant find an article mentioning about this.

Thank You

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You can squeeze multiple processes on one license but this might actually become a burden. From my experience, if your license is more than 70% occupied it is time to look for another one. I believe you should also take into consideration the rate of return provided by the license and also your pipeline.

For example:

  1. If your process saved enough money to cover its cost plus that of another license and you have other processes in the pipeline you should get another license.
  2. If your process is scalable and it can earn you more money with more licenses by processing more items faster then you should definitely acquire more.

There are many situations but the most concrete way to decide is on a project by project basis. A solution architect should decide the number of licenses required based on future projects and their structure.


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