When Get error for each row value insert in Excel

I have make process for order feeding , that run time if I am getting any error just like ERP connection loss or any other issue out of uipath error

here i am using for each row loop after order feeding complete we insert order no and line remarks in excel in between if we get any error then order process will stop on that time we need to insert as much as it done order no and line remarks in excel

So please suggest should I use Try and Catch error handler or something else to resume order feeding process.


When you are typing the value to the ERP after the order no and Line remarks use Element Exists and capture the Error windows and you can use IF condition inside that ElementExistsVarible is true then take your action on that else you can place your remaining activities

Hope this may help you


not understand


What I’m trying to say is if you are getting the Error did you get any warning popup or notification like that?

Then you can use Element exist activity and use IF activity to define what steps you need to do when the error popup appears

Also, could you share the screenshot of the error also to understand better


no any fix error we getting this element not found, any where we get this error

we can all order collect in excel sheet on that excel basis we feed order in ERP system once done all order feeding in ERP system we are that each order no and each line remark collect in one table
in between if we get error we could not find which order stuck and which order done because we that orders remarks put in excel once all order done .
i have 100 orders, here i can use for each row loop, RPA will feed each order as given instruction
in between if we get error (this error not RPA this is about ERP like network issue) on that time i want available order no and remarks put in excel
i need to help for this

Local_Order80.xlsx (119.7 KB)
in above attached excel you can see CSO No and line remarks column i want that in excel when we get any type of error