Next row after a Error incl write a Error note in a Excel cell

Hey @All,

i built a Robo for Navision 2017. It’s working!

Now i want to optimize the Robo. First step is that if there is any misstake/ error hanging/ stop, that the Robo jumbs to the next row in Excel and starts in the beginning. for documentation what he has done without errors, i need a documentation in the Excel spread sheat/ cell in the current row with “error”.

I believe it is a simple task in Studio. Has anyone an idea or a standard solution?


Hi @Sascha

Do you want to write in a particular cell as error where error occurs?

yes - i want to write in a particular cell the Info that there was an error

Hi @Sascha

Use like this

Inside for each loop create a try catch sequence

In try section, u can write the what to done without errors

In the catch section , u make a sequence which writes into excel sheet on error condition

In the final section put continue

Hope it helps

Nived N