What's the Difference of Step In and Step Over in Debug Mode?

I tried both of them and can’t really understand the difference, could anybody explain?

Hi @whyyouandi,

Use Step Into to debug activities one at a time. When this action is triggered, the debugger opens and highlights the activity before it is executed.

When Step Into is used with Invoke Workflow File activities, the workflow is opened in a new tab in ReadOnly mode and each activity is executed one by one.

The keyboard shortcut for Step Into is F11.

Unlike the Step Into action, Step Over does not open the current container. When used, the action debugs the next activity, highlighting containers (such as flowcharts, sequences, or Invoke Workflow File activities) without opening them.

This action comes in handy for skipping analysis of large containers which are unlikely to trigger any issues during execution.

Step Over is available using the F10 keyboard shortcut.

Omkar P