What is the diffrence between "Step Into" and "Step Over"?

What is the diffrence between “Step Into” and “Step Over” ?

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The following doc contains the information you requested:


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In UiPath debugging, “Step Into” and “Step Over” are two different debugging commands that allow you to control the flow of your automation while it is running in debug mode.

“Step Into” command allows you to execute the current activity and move to the next one. If the current activity has child activities, “Step Into” command will move the execution to the first child activity. This command is useful when you want to debug each activity individually and step through the code line by line.

“Step Over” command, on the other hand, executes the current activity but does not move to the next activity. Instead, it moves to the next line of code in the current activity, skipping any child activities if they exist. This command is useful when you want to execute a sequence of activities without stepping through each one individually.

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In general we would recommend visit the UiPath Academy and checkout the course Debugging for free. Debugging is highly recommended as it is essential

lets assume a sequence - CalculateXX inside with 3 activities

  • Step Into:

    • will step into the sequence to Activity 1,2,3 stepwise
  • Step Over:

    • will jump over Sequence CalculateXX (but executes Activity 1,2,3) and will go to the next Activity which will follow the above-mentioned Sequence CalculateXX
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