What's the difference between the two package folder?


Can someone elaborate it? Thanks!

HI @rpa123

Image 1 → that package folder will store the activities dependencies in nupkg
Image 2-> If you publish the project in robot defaults then it will be stored in this folder


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Hello @rpa123

1st Image–> The package which is installed by you in your local machine while develop the process.

2nd Image—> While you publish the project in Orchestrator to the robot, it creates the package based on development to run the bot from the assistant or orchestrator.

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Hi Sudharsan_Ka,
you mean “C:\Users\username.nuget\packages” will will store the activities dependencies in nupkg?


FYI, the following document will help you.

The former is package source. It contains or distrubte nupkg files.

The latter is “global-packages folder of nuget”

The global-packages folder is where NuGet installs any downloaded package. Each package is fully expanded into a subfolder that matches the package identifier and version number. Projects using the PackageReference format always use packages directly from this folder. When using the packages.config, packages are installed to the global-packages folder, then copied into the project’s packages folder.


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So I can import packages in “C:\Users*.nuget\packages” into orchestrator tenant

is my understanding correct?


In general, we can upload automation process package (.nupkg) which is published from Studio. Is there any special reason you need to upload from the folder?


Other people’s project have inconsistent project dependency version with my orchestrator package librararies, if he copy his project to my computer, I need to upload his computer’s C:\Users\username.nuget\packages nuget package to my orchestrator package librararies.

Is my practice correct?


Yes, it’s one of approaches to solve the matter. It necessary to clarify all the dependencies, then upload them (.nupkg) to your orchestrator.

As another easy (lazy) approach, we can copy all the folders and files under %USERPROFILE%.nuget\packages in your PC to same folder of other people’s pc. It will also work. (However, please note that unnecessary files will be copied, too)


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