Possible to add a single task to Action Center without UiPath.Persistance.Activities?

Hi, everyone. I just scrolled through all the posts tagged with Action Center and did not see this question asked, so I will ask it.

Is it possible to add a single task to Action Center in the course of the REFramework?

I’m wondering if I can have the robot add a task to Action Center when it runs into a business exception. I would like a human to be notified that there is invalid data so that they can correct it. Then, the robot can add this corrected item to the queue. I don’t want to use an Orchestration/Long-Running Process template or the typical UiPath.Persistence.Activities; I’ve had issues with memory consumption with these before. I just want a new task created every so often when a BE occurs.

Is there an activity from a different package we can use? Or is there an activity within UiPath.Persistence.Activities that doesn’t require the robot to be constantly “checking” Action Center for completed tasks?

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Hey @Joe_Matuch

You need to use Create Form Task or Create External Task activity from the Persistence package.

Don’t enable persistence in the project settings and it comes into picture when you use Wait for Task activities.

Unless you use the above, you no need to worry. But just create tasks and go ahead with next steps.

Hope that helps.


Okay, thanks for the idea. I don’t have practical experience using Action Center yet, so I’ll have to try this out to see exactly what you mean.

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Yes please and if you face any challenges feel free to post here.

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