Whats is the Difference in SQL Server And MYSQL

I want to understand what is the actual use of MYSQL and SQL Server


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i think that this question is not uipath based but please refer from those links:

Understanding The Difference Between SQL And MySQL.

from uipath you can use both of them, it depends the business case and which one your company selected.



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Kindly go through the below link

SQL Vs MySQL: Difference Between SQL and MySQL | upGrad blog.


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Go through this site Difference between MySQL and MS SQL Server - GeeksforGeeks


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SQL Server is Relational Database Management system. while SQL (Structure Query Language) Server is a Microsoft product. some of the Differences are:

  1. MYSQL available for free since it is open source, But SQL is not open source.
  2. MYSQL offers only updateable views, SQL offers indexed views which are much more powerful, performing wise.
  3. MYSQL doesn’t support XML, Where as XML supports it.
  4. Auto tuning is not supported in MYQL, But can in SQL.
  5. User defined functions are not supported in MYSQL, But supported in SQL.