What value to be passed in Filter input of Find Children keyword

When trying to use Find Children keyword, what are the possibilities of XML string values to be passed.

Output is received in IEnumerable for iterating the children and get text of it.

Hey @vyshalicr

XML String values like should be "<webctrl tag='TR' />"

You will notice that when you indicate elements on the screen using UIexplorer or in an activity then it will return an xml string in the selector properties.

so same about in filter option you are passing an xml string which will filter the data with tag ‘TR’.

For more understanding see this attached sample workflow.

find children in table.zip (2.4 KB)

let me know if you have still some doubts on this. :slight_smile:



Hi @aksh1yadav

Thank you so much for the help!

Is there any bug prevailing in Find Children keyword or it is fully available for usage in version 2016.1.6137 ?


hey @vyshalicr

Don’t know about that version which you are using but i am currently using a 2 months back stable release 2016.2.* and with this i am not facing any issues with it.

But you can try with the latest stable release and if you will face some bug with that then please let us know here.


Hi @aksh1yadav

With the version 2016.1.6137 I have, Find Children keyword is working as expected.


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