What mean '(Collection)' in the value field of an Activity properties?

I defined a user Activity as below
public List outputs { get; set; }

When using my activity in a UiPAth Studio Sequence group, UiPath Studio display the property ‘outputs’ as
outputs (Collection)

And when I replace ‘(Collection)’ by ‘New List(of string) From {“value1”,“value2”}’, UiPath Studio is displaying a popup modal window with the message below:
The property ‘outputs’ does not take in charge the conversion from a string to a value.

So how can be initialized this ‘outputs’ property?

Hi @fandre,
Could you show us some screens about how it looks like etc. It will help.

AOXaaS.xaml (5.5 KB)

Seems that the collection type you are trying to put in is wrong. To check the exact collection type of this just remove everything what you wrote in it’s property and use CTRL+K button to create variable there. Then in variable pane you will see the exact type of needed data.

Hi Pablito
Usin your trick, I found the issue: the ‘outputs’ declaration was missing the InArgument type. It was declared

        public List<String> outputs { get; set; }

instead of

      public InArgument<List<String>> outputs { get; set; }

Thank you for the time you spend in helping me on this issue.

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