No available properties for the activity "Add to Collection"

Hi all,

I have a question on uipath studio - I am using the activity “Add to collection” but no properties of this slected activity are available. Do you know how I can change it TypeArgument in properties from Object to “String”? Thanks a lots!


We can change it from dropdown in property panel, as the following.


If It’s not same as yours, can you share your screenshot?


Thanks Yoichi, but the property page in my side is not available…

And I found this issue occured after I covert to Windows. Do you have any ideas ? or Should not convert to Windows and overlook the warming message ?


Do you use Studio CE preview? If so, can you try to upgrade System.Activities package to 22.10-preview then use AppendItemToCollection activity instead of AddToCollection?


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I found one issue on activity “Add to collection”, when I convert to Windows, the properity page is not available. please refer the screenshot below. S1, beofre – the properity is available; S2, after – the properity page is not available.


Hi @felix.guan ,

This is the intended behaviour, the activity has been updated to avoid usage of the Properties Panel for now as the information required is on the activity. Is there anything missing from the activity?


Hi @felix.guan search append item to list instead of add to collection.