What is the use of offsetX and offsetY in click activity?

I need to scroll through a map by clicking and scrolling. I am using 3 activities:
1.Click (click down)
3.Click (click up)

Selected the whole map as the element for all three activities.

I used the offsets in such a way that it moves at a particular angle.
2. Hover- offsetx=100
offsety = 0
3. Click (click up) - offsetx=0

It clicks and drags in the required angle, but the problem is I cannot control the speed.
How can I alter the offsets in order to click and drag at a particular speed?


maybe try spiting this sequence with a delay in between each part…

Hi @bcorrea,
I don’t get the idea how giving delay will alter the speed. It can increase the speed if we give delayafter in the final click activity. I actually want to reduce the speed. Have you got an idea?

Or is there any other way to click and drag in a map?


instead of doing the whole hover in one step, do a part of it, put delay 200ms do more hover, do more delay…

Here is something that I want to make it clear. The movement happens only after the hover activity. The screen first clicks in some random part of the screen and then hovers the mouse pointer to the point specified in the hover activity. There is NO dragging that happens during this time. The mouse just moves without dragging. This is the part where its confusing , because when we drag and drop (not click and drag), this is the part where the element is dragged. In this case it does not drag maybe because there is no element involved.

The mouse pointer moves only after that, from the point specified in hover activity to the point specified in the 3rd click activity. This is where the movement takes place.