For Each Ui Element, how to click an offset point?

I am using the For Each UI Element activity to loop through a list of hyperlinks. I am then using the Click activity, and using the CurrentElement as the input for the Click activity.

The Click activity always clicks in the center of the element. But the hyperlinks on this page are sometimes broken across 2 lines, so the center of the element does not contain the hyperlink. I would like to click at a point offset 2 or 3 pixels above the center of the element.

I have tried entering offset values in the Click activity, but when I run the process, it still clicks in the center. It seems like because I am using the CurrentElement as an input for the Click activity, it is ignoring the offset options.

How can I click at an offset point, when using a CurrentElement as an input for the Click activity? Or is there another way to solve this?

Below is an image of one of the problem hyperlinks. The hyperlink does not cross the exact center of the element region.



First, Can you try to Set Simulate at Option - InputMode in Click activity, if it works.

If not works, the following will help you in other input mode?


Hi @kevel_81
If you have cursor position property in your click activity try with that.Cursor position should be top left or right of your offset position.

Thanks, I can’t remember which settings I had before, but I changed it to match your settings and it is working now. Thank you.

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