What is the use of application version option under object repository

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What is the use of application version under object repository

We have to provide chrome version

Or any other thing we have to give. please let me know @loginerror @ovi

we can reflect on which version of the application is targeted.
Later we will see it:

Your application is visible in the Descriptors tab, under Project UI Descriptors .


It is up to your decision on how to use
As we are allowed to use also a placeholder so we can reflect the different builds e.g. by X

For reusability reasons we can extract later also as an Ui Library:

Here we can control the versioning of the extracted Ui Library as usually, we do it at the project.json level

Hello @Naveen.Ch

In the Uipath package also you can see the versions… It show the difference of the build from the existing version.

Same like this, you can set the version based on the changes in the objects you are adding to the Applciations. And you can use as per your need.