What is the procedure of Enterprise Trail Request?

What is the procedure of Enterprise Trail request?

Can I use Gmail or Outlook for this trail request?

do you mean uipath Enterprise Trial request

edit: business mail id is to be used as @ovi suggested
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You have to use corporate mail id but not personal mail to register for Enterprise Trail licence.


@lakshman , @Palaniyappan, Thanks for replying

Actually, We are creating a testing robot machine for customer trail. But sometimes customer not accept to sign up or registration. So, ultimate go to request my personal created mail id. Have any solution about this issues?

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no worries
you can get with your company provided mail id, because we have to mention that while buying the enterprise robot…
and your user dont need to login and you can deploy that obtained robot in their server as well

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So you mean… I can send trail request from my own company mail id? Already i’m using my mail id for personal developer community studio preview version.

So, Can you tell me how many request are acceptable from one mail id? This process is repeatable for new customer installed.

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only once i think

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Thanks to you @Palaniyappan & @lakshman



If you have already trail licence key then use it in client machine and check once. One licence can use upto 10 machines i guess.

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yes as @lakshman said we can get the license that can be used in multiple machines and is of 60 day trial

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Hi everyone! I’ll try to explain the Enterprise Trial process here, I hope i’ll cover most of your questions.

First, you can request different product trials now: Studio Enterprise Trial, Orchestrator Server Trial and Cloud Platform Public Preview. The reason we did this separation is because we realised most of the people asking for Enterprise Trial would not install Orchestrator in their environments (since this requires some infrastructure work and more in-depth technical knowledge).

Studio Enterprise Trial - you can request it only with a business email. You will receive an email with the UiPathStudio.msi installer and a Trial key which expires 60 days from the moment you activate it. This is a per user key, so you cannot activate it on more than one user account. Also, you can only activate Studio with this key (for Robots or Orchestrator it won’t work).

Orchestrator Server Trial - you can request it only with a business email. You will receive an email with the UiPathPlatformInstaller.exe installer and a Trial key for your Orchestrator instance. This installer allows you to install Orchestrator on your server and Studio and Robot on your machines. The Trial key you receive will only work to activate your Orchestrator instance. You can then license your other Studios and Robots by connecting them to your Orchestrator. The validity is the same as for Studio Enterprise: 60 days from the moments you activate.

Cloud Platform Public Preview - when you first join platform.uipath.com you will have a Community subscription. If you enroll in our Insider Program (only for companies) Insider Preview Program | UiPath you will get the Public Preview subscription (more robots in Orchestrator Cloud). There is no Trial yet for Cloud Platform since the Enterprise version is not yet General Available.

Keep in mind that enterprise companies can also use Community Edition for evaluation. That means that if your company wants to check on a feature that is not yet available in an Enterprise release they can do so (not in production).

Also, if you have suggestions on how to improve the Trial flow and remove the confusion, please write them and tag me. I’ll be more than happy to gather them on and work on a flow that makes sense for you too.



@ovi Thanks for your reply.

You read my previous conversation?

I can use my email id 2nd time for Enterprise Trail Request? If not, then how to get it? Actually we represent a workflow for new customer with PoC. So we need a Enterprise trail but customer not agree & permission to signup using there email ID. So, please tell me if have any way.

A Rahman / Thakral BD

Hi! You can request a Trial key for the customer by either creating a support licensing ticket or get in touch with your UiPath contact and ask them to request it for you.

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Dear Viola and team, thanks for such informative replies

My company has a trial licenses but limited, i would like to use one attended ROBOT trial license, however my company has exhausted the limit of two licenses each machine or so (Not sure if i put it right). Can i have one more licenses for attended/unattended BOT for my machine within that trial version?