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Is it allowed/legal to develop UiPath workflows for production using UiPath Enterprise Server Trial? And can I use my personal email to receive the trial code? Or do I have to use the client company’s email address?


So I’ve been surfing in UiPath forum and found thread below :

Can you help me with this too @ovi ?


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Hi @Mochamad_Fauzan_Adhy

According to the Trial Terms, “These Trial Terms apply to (i). Customer’s testing, demonstration, trial, training or any other non-production and/or noncommercial use of any component of the Trial Platform” from here: https://www.uipath.com/hubfs/legalspot/UiPath_Trial_Terms.pdf
This means that you cannot use it in production.

As for requesting it, you have to have a business/company email address in order for you to receive the code. Also, please be aware that if you ask for an Enterprise Server Trial you will have to install Orchestrator in order to be able to license and use Studio.

As far as i know, you need to use your customer’s enterprise studio license to do the developments…

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@ovi @bcorrea thanks for the answer ! :smile:

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