What is the preferred PDF Viewer for UiPath pdfs?

I’m going through the Robotic Enterprise Framework Deep Dive course but I find it very hard to read certain parts of the provided pdf-files. It looks like there are no spaces between certain words. Viewed in both Acrobat Reader DC and Edge Chromium.

Samples from the PDD for assignment 2:

Do you have this issue too? If not, could you tell me what PDF Viewer you are using?

I am using Acrobat DC and Chrome, and its working fine in my computer.
I think you should reboot your system once :wink:

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately a restart of the system did not fix the issue. I have also tested with different computers (private desktop, job laptop, VDI computer and a service computer.)

I don’t have any rendering issue with other PDFs on these systems though. It seems like UIPath Academy just hate me. :pensive: