What is the meaning of this symbol?

I’m currently trying to install a new package, but I don’t know what the symbol in the red circle in the image means.

Normally, I should do a search or something, but since I don’t know the common name of this symbol, I asked here.

I’m sorry, but what is the meaning of this mark?
If possible, I would like to know if Uipath is officially endorsing this product.

it is only image. This package has UiPath’s Bronze Certified.
This certification means it respects the following requirements:

  • Content review
  • Malware analysis
  • Security Best Practices Scans
  • Functionality Testing

Here you can find this component:

So this package is trusted :slight_smile:



It’s icon linked from nupkg.

As activity owner can set any icon, it doesn’t have important sense such as trustworthy, reliability etc.
If there is UiPath icon, we can mostly identify it’s made by UiPath guys at least.
If we need to know further information, please see web page for the package in the marketplace.


Thank you very much
I just want the certification value.

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