Level 3 Calculate Client Security Hash System1 Login 실행 오류

로그인 파일을 만들었는데 이렇게 뜨는 오류를 해결할 방법이 있을까요 ㅠㅠ

해당 파일에 가보니 이렇게 뜹니다ㅠㅠ

오류 검사를 해보니 Workflow contains invalid activities. 라고 뜨구요.


Go to Manage Packages and install this package uipath.Credentials.Activities and then try once.

When I go to Manage Packages, How do I install it? Can you help me?

I pressed uninstall and clicked Save. And I searched uipath.Credentials.Activities, but I do not get any results. How do I do this?ㅠㅠ


What version of studio are you using ?

Is it Community or Enterprise Edition ?

i Community version!

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Go to Help section and see whether you are using Alpha or Beta version.

If you are using Alpha version then change it to Beta version and restart UIpath studio once and then try again.

Is it right to change here? Stable is selected, so I switched to beta and restarted the UIpath, but the result is the same.

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Uninstall 클릭하고 Save 클릭하면 말 그대로 uninstall하게 됩니다.
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