Certification badges

I want to know if there is an official logo/icon available to use to demonstrate we have passed advanced certification (or any other certification course)? This is something really useful for professional CVs etc.

I mean something like Blue Prism’s icons that you can see here(scroll to the middle of the page).

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Hi @Foehl,
At the moment we don’t have such thing. But in my opinion if you are certified UiPath RPA Developer it’s is something you can already use in your professional CV.


@Pablito, I completely agree, and it’s not something that’s holding me back, it’s more of a ‘nice to have’.

I work for a consultancy, my company has a CV tool to generate CVs for each consultant. The tool has a bunch of industry certification badges in it for things like .Net; Java; Lean; Prince; AWS etc. so on your CV you have your qualifications presented in a nice set of badges. At the moment I have a little gap for my UiPath qualification where it just says “UiPath Advanced Developer Certification”.

As I said, it’s really not a big thing, but my little OCD demons would just really like to have a nice UiPath badge to display on there too :slight_smile:


I agree Foehl, it would definitely be a nice quality of life enhancement. Great suggestion!


Great suggestion here.


Would definitely like a nice looking “UiPath Certified RPA Developer” badge to add to my emails.


Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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I believe the new certification platform offers that :slight_smile: I’ll mark this one as completed.

We could always make our own based on the UiPath Certification logo?

Wouldn’t be too hard.