What is the maximum number of rows in an excel sheet that works with UiPath?

Does anyone know of any documentation that states the exact maximum number of rows in an excel sheet that can be used with UiPath? If i recall correctly, running Read Range may throw exceptions at say a few thousand (or million) rows but I am unaware of the exact number.

@Gluon Well the maximum number of rows a Datatable can hold is 16,777,216. Hence if the Rows are lesser than this, for sure it can read it properly, It may take some additional time though

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I understand but something it at 10 thousand of rows in an excel due to memory issues. I understand 16 million is the theoretical limit but is there a practical limit?

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Don’t know the exact number but, I was trying to read 100MB files with about 580K rows and with the Workbook Read Range standard activity it crashed.

A very good alternative option is UiPathTeam.XLExcel.Activities.ReadRange which completed the work above in like 5 minutes.

I hope it’s still useful for anyone.