What is the equivalent for Bearer Token in 'HTTP Request' activity in UiPath

Hi All,
I am trying to make an API call and doing so I took help of Postman tool.
Using Postman, I am able to get a successful response with Authorization as ‘Bearer Token’ (I am not an expert in this area so I did some trial and error to reach to successful response).
API Call details:
Method: GET
Authorization: Bearer Token
Problem: While trying to replicate the same in UiPath HTTP Request activity ; I don’t see authorization of type ‘Bearer Token’.

Any solution or workaround in this regard would be great help.

have a look on following activity which is handling it for you

Thanks! Though the methods should apply across all applications but I missed to mention that the API call I am doing is for a organization related application and not UiPath Orchestrator.


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You have to add a Header as Authorization and write "Bearer " + strToken

Create a Variable as strToken which is string and holds the authorization key

Hope this may help you



Thanks! I tried the same yesterday and got it to working. I will mark your answer as solution.


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