Orchestrator HTTP Request not working (authorization needed?)

Hi everyone!

I write this in relation to the post: What is the equivalent for Bearer Token in 'HTTP Request' activity in UiPath - #4 by Srini84
Maybe gAnGs, ppr or Srini84 can help me with this.

I’m trying to make an Orchestrator HTTP Request in Studio, but it seems I can’t due to lack of authentication. You can see it here in this image:


But when I try to make the call, the response says I’m not authenticated:


I managed to make the exact request through Postman, and it works, with a Bearer token authentication, as you can see here:

The thing is, how can I enter the Authorization header with the bearer token in the OrchestratorHTTPRequest activity? I have tried this way, with the bearer token from postman, with no success:


I would be grateful if anyone can tell me how to make this work.



Were you able to successfully generate the bearer token using PUT ?

Hi Sumit, yes, with Postman I made this call and I already have the access token as a response:


The thing is that I don’t know how to input this token into the OrchestratorHTTPRequest activity (I suppose is inside the “JSON Payload” parameter, but I haven’t figured it out how)

I think you have to make the GET request using Uipath activity only. Get the bearer token and then again use it with another httprequest activity using POST.

Hopefully it shud work

You guys are barking up the wrong tree, an Orchestrator HTTP request activity doesn´t require a bearer token or anything like that, its handled in the code, its basically the same basis for any other activity that communicates with the Orchestrator such as getting an asset or a queue item.

Are you able to get assets on this project? Cause if so that would indicate that you are able to connect to the Orchestrator in general and that its likely a permission issue.

You do not need a bearer token for an Orchestrator HTTP request and if you did, it goes in the header, not the payload especially considering this is a GET request so a payload doesn’t even make sense.

Hey @pdelgadogp1

Kindly make sure your studio is connected to the orchestrator with proper license.


Thanks for your answers guys, I will look into it and tell you if it works.

Finally, I couldn’t make “Orchestrator HTTP Request” activity work, even I was connected in Studio to my account. It kept saying “Your are not authenticated!”.

I used standard “HTTP Request” activities, including the bearer token as Authorization.

It’s a pity that I cannot use the orchestrator http request activities.

Thanks anyway for your support!

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