What is the difference between sequence chart and flowchart

what is the difference between sequence chart and flowchart?
I know sequence chart is for sequence activities, and flowchart is for relatively complicated job. but still I can’t understand their difference of actual use.
I mean, If I use something like “if”, or “foreach” in sequece chart, isn’t it same as flow chart?

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you are correct in the sense that “if” and “foreach” is the same as a flowchart. If your flow is mostly linear and doesnt have a lot of branching logic, you can use a sequence

But if you have a lot of branching logic and use multiple nested if statements in a sequence , it is very hard to understand. For example:

So in this case its much better to use a flowchart, it will be clearer to you and other people

heres a comparison

you can also put flowcharts in sequences and vice versa

thanks a lot. I really wanted answer like this cause I was confused why I need both flow chart and sequence chart. again, thank you! :laughing:

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