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I am in training for UiPath and am unsure what the difference between a sequence and a workflow is. Per the documentation, a workflow can provide a better overview of the business process and has additional logical operators whereas a sequence is linear and can be repeated easily. What is the difference from creating a smaller, linear workflow instead of a sequence? Is there any more efficiency when using a sequence? Thanks in advance to any responses.

Hi, @jipsen

There is no real difference between a linear workflow and a sequence. But Workflows(Flowcharts) are reserved for complex processes and sequences for simple piece of process. I think your are just startin with Uipath, right? Well, every developer/programmer has his/her own style, I recommend you to use the one you find best to understand and work better for your process.

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Please refer to these documents:
State Machine

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Hi @jipsen,

If you are using sequence for small flows it will be good,For large flows & all we need to use flowchart because for looking understand it is easy to check.

Always use sequences when the logic in a workflow constitutes 15 activities or less (this is my opinion :slight_smile: ).
As a thumb rule, use a Flowchart because it helps you understand the code flow better and in a way you are also using sequences in it. Name each sequence and activity correctly and you’ll understand that Flowchart is best suited for implementations when it comes to below points:

  1. Code Readability
  2. Maintenance
  3. Representation
  4. Decision based switching

P.S : This is just my opinion though :stuck_out_tongue: