What is the ConnectionString for Oracle Database in UI Path?

I would like to know how can i connect to a oracle database via UI Path.I am using the following connection string and it gives the error.
“Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};uid=system;pwd=laxman;”
Can you please help me in this.

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Search first, post second.

hi @lakshman

as @badita said follow this thing from next time.

as of now, check it out with this link:


I tried with that but it is giving this error.

can you please help me in this.If you have any example workflow then please share with me.


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Iam also getting the same error. If you get the solution. Please help me also.

I did not get any solution for this.

Hi All,

I am also stuck with the same problem. Could anyone help me please.


Did you ever get this resolved?

If your Oracle database is in local, try start OracleService[Service name] service in windows task manager.

Hi All,

am also stuck with the same issue, any help would be really appreciated.

@mharii - If your issue is the same as the error posted in image (ERROR 08001) - then that is an Oracle driver issue and better luck may be found on an Oracle forum.

Thanks for responding, I have used OracleData Client option from uipath and it worked.

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