What is the best way to run the bot on VDI?


I’ve built one bot and it’s running on VDI environment.
I access to the VDI to kick the bot through remote desktop.
Sometimes I forget to click outside of the VDI screen to avoid affecting my operation(Clicking mouse, Typing keyboard) and I touch the VDI screen by mistake. Then my operation affects the bot running on VDI and the bot failed.

I would like to understand what is the best solution to avoid this type of failure.
Prepare dedicated PC?Minimize the VDI screen?

It would be great if someone could give me an advice.

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Can someone help me out?

Basically try to simulate all that activities that can be simulated like click, type etc. Simulation them will not interrupt your workflow process when you are using your mouse for other actions.

If you are minimizing or closing the remove desktop then i would suggest you to Invoke all your workflows using ‘Launch Workflow Interactive’ activity. It should work with the minimized session as well.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

Hi Rammonhan,

Thank you for great advice and it would be helpful for us.
I found some issues related to simulation function here.
Do you think is it stable solution?

Regarding ‘Launch Workflow Interactive’ activity, I will attempt to integrate it.
If we do not change the source code, how do you think what is the best solution to minimize the effect of human operation?

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Yes it is. Your bot will continue to perform the operation even if the VM is minimized or when the user is controlling the mouse.

It depends. If you use a the robot with an Unattanded License then orchestrator should unlock and perform the required operation. However if you using it as FOR with an Attended License then you are supposed to keep the session. Hence in those cases after triggering the robot from the VDI, if you would like the process to continue even after minimizing, then you have to simulate your activities or use Launch Workflow Interactive to invoke your workflows.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

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