What is the best way of getting password from user?

Hello. I will work on an interface which needs user information of a client and I am looking for most secure way to get password from user. My friend suggested to get password activity. I tried to use it with my information but I don’t think it is secure because when I run program for testing, program wrote password into user name section by mistake and I could see whole password. This mistake could anytime, and I don’t want to see password of someone by mistake. Is there a way to solve this problem?

@AnnaDewitt The Credentials can be stored in the Orchestrator as an Asset and then can be retrieved using the Get Credential Activity, which will in turn return the password as a SecureString Type.

You can use this to be typed into the Password Field using the Type Secure Text Activity.

If the Situation is for an Attended case where the User will Input the String into a Dialog Box and the Bot will then enter this String into the Password field, then after you have received the password from the user, You can convert the Password in String to a Secure String in the below way, and then use the Type Secure Text Activity to Type the SecureString

secureText = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("","YourPassword").SecurePassword

Where secureText is of the Type SecureString

If this is not helpful, can you please elaborate on what actually you want to do.

Thank you for help. For instance, I tried the way you said like here:

When I write it to notepad, I can see the password. Notepad was just an example. When I am improving the program, sometimes program writes password user name box rather than password box and I can see password. My company makes this a big problem. Is there any way to convert this password to random string while storing it?

I hope it is clear.

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Hi @AnnaDewitt ,

You need to create Orchestrator assets for those users to store their password else you have to do some workflow to make the user enter the password into the required field directly.

Thank you. If I use create Orchestrator assets, do I come across same problem? I mean when I am improving program, does password can be seen my mistake?

@AnnaDewitt ,

If you are hosting it without any conversion no one can see it. It will be stored as in the encrypted format.

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Does this option can be used with community license?

HI @AnnaDewitt ,
you can try using Windows credentials to store the credentials.