How to use Credentials Assets in Studio?

Hi.I Created Credentials Assets in Orchestrator and I want to use this Credentials in UiPath Studio for my project. I can use the ‘username’ I created but I can’t use ‘password’. How can I use ?

Hi ,
You have to use get Credential activity. Give credential asset name in the input of the get credential activity. And for output create two variables, username of string datatype and password of secure string datatype.

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I have already done it but dont working


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I can see like the secure text is used in Type secure text activity
So that won’t be an issue
The thing is anchor base
If possible can we directly type in the value to the Password field and even Usernmae without using anchor base and just using Type into activity

Cheers @sufyant

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username work with Anchor Base but I will try for password

Okay its worked thank you buddy @Palaniyappan

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