What is Studio doing

I have a project that ran hundreds of times. Now all of a sudden it gives errors.

For example this. It says there is something wrong with the last add data row. When I delete that activity all of a sudden there is something wrong with the activity above. How to fix this?



Also this error:


When I open it, no problem at all:


Hi @Dion

What have you given in the ArrayRow please specify.


Nothing special. It just started throwing errors all over

{New DateTime(DateTime.Now.Year, DateTime.Now.Month, 1).addMonths(-1).Tostring(“dd-MM-yyyy”),“Warmte”,“WarmteVerbruik”,“GJ”,strWarmteVerbruik}

Hi @Dion

Just to confirm the scenario. Was your project running without an issue, but as a published process on some robot, and now that you come back to the actual source code - it gives an error when opened on a newer Studio version?

Would you mind sharing the project (either here or via a PM to me), as well as your Studio version?

If it was working earlier, you didn’t make any changes and suddenly Studio started showing errors, there could be possibility of one or more Studio services not working properly.

Try to restart Studio and check. Still issue persists, try to restart the system you are using.

Try this solution only and only if the quoted criteria fulfilled.

Ashok :slight_smile:

Yes, It ran normal on this machine. It was not published yet. This morning I just added some activities and all of a sudden there where errors in parts that worked before.

I will send it to you via PM. I use studio 2023.10.3. It was build in this version and ran in this version before.

Been there, done that. Also tried another VM.


Can you specify what datatype is variable strWarmteVerbruik.


A string.

i need more characters

Can you specify your requirement @Dion

Try deleting the Add Data Row activity and reform it again.

{New DateTime(DateTime.Now.Year, DateTime.Now.Month, 1).addMonths(-1).Tostring(“dd-MM-yyyy”),“Warmte”,“WarmteVerbruik”,“GJ”,strWarmteVerbruik}


Does not help, it just moves up an activity to give the error. See the screenshots in my opening post.

Thank you for the project @Dion . I was able to reproduce this on the latest Studio 2023.12 as well.

We will investigate further, but so far my findings are that:

  • the error BC30037: Character is not valid is due to the character in the string
  • the error BC30035: Syntax error seems to be due to the : character in your path
    For both of the above, a temporary workaround would be to provide those inputs as a variable (this should work and “skip” the issue of a validation error)
  • the error BC30198: ')' expected seems to be some sort of issue with parsing of the specific expression. I was able to work around it by adding some extra line breaks like so:

I know all the above are just workarounds, but I figured it might come useful while we investigate it further and work on a fix.

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Thnx, got al the errors in the sequences removed. Now there is one at the top left:

Solved as well. When I ignored a sequence all of a sudden there was a new error. Figured that one out as well and now it seems to run

Check this:


Thats a year old topic. I have a brandnew project that has never even heard of legacy :wink:

I did more digging by trimming the workflow, because it was a really strange issue. I found this activity with one double quote too much:

It somehow messed up Studio validation flow and things escalated really quickly. Removing the extra double quote should be the actual solution.

EDIT. Of course, we will have a look at this, because Studio should contain the error to the single activity with the issue.

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That was indeed the last error that I had. It did not show up but messed it up really bad. Thnx!

I just wanted to drop a small update that this issue will be patched in the upcoming patch to the 2023.10 version.