What is RestSharp?Must I install it?


I recently published a package and it stated it is failed to download because it cannot fing RestSharp.

What is RestSharp, It need to be installed so that the package can be download in the machine that work?

And is it install automatically? Cause Recently found that the RestSharp is in official dependencies, and the dependencies is not able to load as it return 403 forbidden.

Thank you.

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Hey @g_ii

Could you please navigate to the settings pane & check the offical source URL is right ?


The official source URl in the studio there is :


Hi @Nithinkrishna ,

where can I know whether the url is right??

Cause in my community edition, the url is different with the enterprise UiPath.
The community one didn’t face any problems, but according to the enterprise version’s details there, it stated that the url return 403 forbidden.

And when I add the Url myself(follow the community version one), it stated that it cannot load the url.

It seems you have a proxy in place in the robot machine and because of that, you cannot get the needed packages.

Follow these documentation articles:

I manually add the rest sharp package that download from the nuget.org.

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