What is initallapplication in reframework?

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@Pavan_P_J initial Application workflow is used to start web/desktop application according to requirements.

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As picked from the ReFramework - Documentation


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In this state , reading the config file and the initialization of the application taken place.

Suppose if you are using a browser for automation, in this state it will open browser and load the url.

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InitAllApplication is basically used to open all the required application during the whole process. In case if any SystemException occurs in Process State the process will goto the Init State and KillAllApplication which was initialized before and again all the applications would be open which are required for the process.


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In ReFramework there is different blocks and all block has different functionality:

Initialization: This state is used to initialize the configuration file and all the other applications that are being accessed in the project. In case of an error (system exception), the flow will move to the End Process state and in case of a successful initialization, the flow moves to the Get Transaction Data state.

Below are the xamls present in Initialization block: –

  1. InitAllSettings.xaml: This workflow will initialize and output a dictionary type configuration file which will be referred to in the entire process. This config file is put into arguments and passed between various workflows to access the values within it. The Settings and Constants sheets are read from the Config file, which is placed inside the Data folder of project. Assets are taken from the orchestrator itself. A try catch is implemented to catch any system exception and move the flow to End Process state.

  2. KillAllProcesses.xaml: This workflow is used to close or kill any background or foreground application running so that your process starts with a clean environment and no interference happens in further execution. Closing all applications is recommended instead of directly killing them because it might cause abrupt behaviour.

  3. InitAllApplications.xaml: This workflow is used to open up or start any processes or applications which your process might use later, such as activities like Open Application or Open browser. You can also open up any website whose URL can be mentioned in the Config file.

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