Do we have to open all the applications in the Init state itself in RE framework?

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As in RE framework there is a workflow InitAllApplications.xaml in the Init state. My question is do we have to open all the applications of our process in Init state itself ?

In our process there are two web applications where we have to enter data one by one and download their corresponding reports. So we open one application → complete downloading of reports -->Close it → then open the next application → download reports one by one → then close it.

But if we follow RE framework, according to this we have to open all the applications at one short first in the Init state. Then it will start working in each application one by one in the Process state. Is it right ? Because the other application will simply be idle when the one application is working ?

In the Process state we should open the applications whenever they are needed.

Kindly help how can we customize our framework.

Hi @kkp
In Reframework in init state , we open all the applications that we are using in automation state

U can open applications in process state and then close it after every transactions

But think like if we have many transactionitem which are processed, think how much time will go for opening application again and again in the process state and closing it after every transactions

So as a best practice keep the application opened in int state

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I have not mentioned that for every transaction the application will open and close. I am saying when one application is working why should the other application be opened and stay idle.

The applications work one by one.


Re-Framework is a template given with best practice to follow

It’s entirely your call to maintain and run through Re-Framework according to your business need

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Because REFramework repeats every transactions. Only Init, End states run once

So all applications should be opened at init or they will be opened and closed whenever transaction starts

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