What is cheaper orchestrator cloud or on premise orchestrator?

what is cheaper orchestrator cloud or on premise orchestrator when:-
1)a medium level enterprise needs to deploy upto 10 bots.
2) a large enterprise needs to deploy 100+ bots

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Hi @shetanshudhar
I am not at liberty to disclose any pricing information in this forum but the per robot costing is more expensive when using Cloud Orchestrator compared to on-prem Orchestrator. Of course the reason for this is because we are embedding the cost of running Orchestrator on the UiPath Cloud to every robot purchased by the customer.

However do take into consideration the cost of hosting your own Orchestrator in the calculation of Total Cost of Ownership. You should also consider the cost of running VMs, the Windows OS licenses, the SQL Server licenses, and the admin overhead of administering your own on-prem Orchestrator.

To get more accurate subscription costing, please reach out to your UiPath Account Manager.

@Matthew_Tan i am not requesting you to disclose any pricing . i just want you to let me know , if number of bots are less , which option will be price effective cloud or on -premise?

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Hi @shetanshudhar
if you have 10 robots of less it is more economical to go with the Cloud Orchestrated option from purely a UiPath license subscription perspective. But as mentioned in my earlier post do consider the other factors in calculating TCO.


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