Cloud vs OnPremise


With regard to the Cloud platform, I would like to consult a number of concepts:

  • Does UiPath provide a platform with all components (Orchestrator, Studio, Unattended Robot, …)?
  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of the platform?
  • If an incident occurs on the platform, how much time is available to solve it? SLA?
  • Are there differences between onPremise and Cloud licensing?
  • Is it advisable to have the same onPremise and onCloud versions of the tools?
    -Is there a detailed Roadmap?


Hi @diego.pardo.garcia

  1. Yes they will provide you cloud orchestrator URL, robot will be installed on your machines or in cloud VM. Installing orchestrator and setting up AI Fabric,Insights and all are difficult so you can avoid all these by cloud.
  2. UiPath will do the orchestrator upgrade you need to update your robot machines.
  3. Normally there wont be any down time.
  4. License cost difference is there and you dont need to set up servers of installing orchestrator SQL Database and all.
    5)You just need to have only one. if you are having a good infra team and your organisation don’t allow clould solutions you can go on prem


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