What is best practice

I have created a project and I would like to know if my approach is the best practice

I have scanned invoice (untagged pdf)
I am reading values from the invoice using the anchor base
I use both Find OCR text position and find image (what is best by the way)
Then I use get ocr text activity to get the text value

Now, the RPA is working perfectly on my screen but it can’t run in any other screen (correct me if I am wrong)
So what is the best solution to avoid this scenario (failure when run from another screen)

Please note that I don’t have orchestrator and planning to run it from other machines that are using uipath.

Also, please let me know if the activities I am using are the best fit for this case


To read any data from PDF, you can install system.pdf.activities from manage beneficiaries and use “Read PDF OCR” activity to get the text available in scanned pdf, then you can use matches activity to extract the required values. This may give you better results

Thanks a lot for your reply. Is there any article you recommend me to go through.
Specials on how to use the match with the extracted ocr text

For example how would I extract the “name” field
It could be anything right.?

Kindly Check these articles, will help you to build regex expression using Matches…

I have given a sample to get value with reference to string “Name:” in input text

The output will be…

Hope this will help you.

Thanks for sharing this
But when I read pdf using ocr
I got many lines
The title (name:)
Is in the third line and the name itself is in the 10th

How do we work this?

And is there anyway to extract structured data like a table or something

To extract structured data from PDF and also to extract values from specific fields in PDF, Can use Document Understanding, Kindly refer the Details available in link below,

To extract name value, could you show sample for understanding scenario.

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Thanks a lot this is helpful

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