What is Advanced RPA Developer exam look like nowadays?

I’d like to ask someone who passed/tried to pass Advanced RPA Developer exam RECENTLY (after 1st of May) - what is it look like? Is there a theoretical part, and then the assessment? Or is it look like the Practice exam - so there is a quiz of 44 ? There is no fresh information about this, or I am looking wrong places :).
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There is a sample test of the new Advancec certification .

Have a look


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Is this the link from here? https://www.uipath.com/hubfs/Academy/UiPath%20Certified%20Advanced%20RPA%20Developer%20v1.0%20-%20EXAM%20description.pdf

I did it yesterday.

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Yes , This is the same one :slight_smile:

OK. So you do know if the real exam is in the exact form like the practice test? Only quiz, no assessment?

I got the answer from officials:
There is no practical part of the exam.
"The UiPath Certified Professional exams are designed to include the following question types:
• Multiple Choice
o Straight-forward questions and straight-forward questions with graphics
o Scenario-based questions
 Excellent way to promote higher-level thinking
 Scenarios with graphics to make the question more realistic when assessing skills
o Graphics as answer choices
o Code as answer choices
• Build List and/or Drag and DroP
o Designed to test a candidate’s understanding of a particular “process”
o Involves logical thinking and reasoning by the candidate
• Advanced Types (included in Multiple Choice, Build List, Drag/Drop, Case Studies)
o Media: Video, Flash
o Active Screens: Allows interaction and automatic scoring with different display elements
 Emulate a user’s interaction with UiPath Studio and/or Orchestrator displays
 Fully integrated with other question types
 No need to exit the testing event
An exam participant may receive several or all question types.



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