UiPath Advacnce Certification 2021

Hi All, Can anybody tell about the current Advance Certification Exam Pattern ?? And online sources for preparation and Mock tests. Thanks in advance.

Hello @Santhosh_Dasaraju ,

All the details related to UiPath Exams are available here:

You have learning paths, practices, to be prepared for both exams.

I hope it helps.


Dear @wasea,
Thanks for your reply. But it’s not clear. My doubt is on the exam pattern. I knew that last time its multiple-choice questions as part-1 and practical test as part-2. Now also the same or only Multiple choice questions ??

There are no parts here. You do not have a practical exam.

You will find only questions with single or multiple answers. drag and drop, and things like this.

Also, you can search on this forum, your can find the answer to your questions :slight_smile: