What is a key advantage of a Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework Dispatcher process using queues?

This question was asked twice in the UIPath practice Test, Since it was asked twice and correct answer is not given i am not sure where i got it wrong, Can some answer with a small description of why the answer. Both are same question with different answer choices

Question 1

Question 2

ensures all data is in similar data and it could be added to one queue and prepares the data in common format in queues

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We have reviewed your post and everything has been corrected. Thank you.

Hello All,

The above mentioned characteristics of RE Framework Dispatcher do seem noteworthy.
Having said that, according to UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Practice Test (from UiPath Certified Professional program :: Pearson VUE) made on 30th Nov 2021 the correct answers to the above mentioned questions seem to be “Better error handling…” and “Multiple robots run same process…” (as per Assessment ID: UIPATH-ARDV1-PT shown below).

I would be very grateful for help in verifying the correctness of the above mentioned answers as I believe this information could be helpful to anyone preparing for the UiARD exam.

Hi @KamilGuzowski

Just want to know is the performer fetching the queues and process in multiple robots?

And dispatcher is only for adding the data in the queue.


Hi @prasath_S

As per my understanding the Dispatcher’s main goal is to read the input data, assign it to queue item variables and add said queue item to the designated queue(s) for the Performer to process on one or more robots.
Having said that if an entry file would be in an incorrect format, say the process expects a .csv file as input and an .xlsx file was was used, I would expect a properly built Dispatcher to inform of such a fact through an error handling system.

According to UiPath Academy

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@KamilGuzowski thanks for the reply it’s true for first question, but the query I have in the second question it’s states that multiple robots run the same process with single queue (isn’t this the performers process to do) and the question was for dispatcher process.


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@prasath_S I fully agree with You that “Question 2” is a tricky one and I would also think that “Multiple robots run the same process with single queue” is a characteristic of a Performer not a Dispatcher.

It looks like the UiPath team has already addressed the matter (Thank You @loginerror :slight_smile: ) as I just had a look at the test exam and the question’s text was changed from Dispatcher to Performer.
Thank You very much @prasath_S :slight_smile: for looking into the matter with me. I believe all is clear now.

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@KamilGuzowski all the confusions are clear now, thanks for your time.