What is a good method to unit test the load of the Config File in ReFramework?

I want to setup a test sequence, invoke the InitAllSettings.xaml and then put some activities in to unit test the load of the config.xlsx file. Is there a simple set of steps to unit testing just the load of the config spreadsheet file?

Answered my own question… sorry for the extraneous post.

In the event it helps others, you can unit test the InitAllSettings.xaml by doing the following.

  1. Make a new sequence in the Test_Framework folder
  2. Make a IN new argument for in_config with a Dictionary type (text, object)
  3. Invoke the InitAllSettings.xaml and bind the arguments with “Data\Config.xlsx” for the in_ConfigFile and {“Settings”, “Constants”} for the inConfigSheets. Set the out_config to a new variable called Config.
  4. Then you can assign a this to a new variable for any of the content in the values in the config settings. Config(“System1URL”).toString.

_TestLoadConfig.zip (1.4 KB)

If the attached helps anyone, you are welcome to work with it.

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