What is 100 Robots per node?

Came across this statement “100 Robots per node” in the orchestrator guide->Hardware requirements.

Link :- Hardware Requirements

As per my understanding ROBOT means PC/System.
Then what does “node” means?

Hi @Sourjo_Ganguly ,
Here node means PC/System.
And Robots means the instances of uipath robot application.


If I am not wrong as per orchestrator tutorial videos “ROBOTS” was being referred to as system/PC.

To be clear, what do you exactly mean by “instances of uipath robot application” referring to Robots ?

As per my knowledge, we can run multiple robots in a single machine. ie, using High density robots. In high density robots, we can run robot instances using different user accounts in the same machine.

Here instances of robot means the copy of UiRobotSvc service in different user accounts in the same machine

Node is is to be understood as an Orchestrator web application installation - if you implement load balancing, you robot will point to a load balancer which will redistribute the robots application among several nodes depending on their availability. Still, each node will point to the same database

Hope it answer your question