What if items are abandoned in queue

If items are abandoned how to resolve this by bot using exception handling.can someone help me to resolve this

hi @Tanvee_Azmee

If items are abandoned you still have a option to retry them

could you please refer above link

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How to work with it by using exception handling

Hi @Tanvee_Azmee ,

We would require a bit more information as to why the abandoned items are being retrieved and what is the purpose.

By Exception Handling, what do you want to achieve with Abandoned queue items.

Can u tell me how get get items more than 100 so that i can proceed further.

@Tanvee_Azmee ,

We could use Get Queue Items Activity with QueueItemStates Property having Abandoned selected.

Assuming you have already tried this, Do we get an Exception here since there are more than 100 abandoned items ?

@supermanPunch ,

What about get queue item API.
How to use by this.

@Tanvee_Azmee ,

I suppose the post you are looking for and which contains detailed information is below :

Also, If not familiar with the API of Retrieving Queue Items. Check the below post :