What HP nonstop terminal emulators are supported by UiPath?

Hi, I am trying a POC for my company using UiPath testing HP nonstop applications using a WIN6530 emulator. Looking over the forum, it looks like the 6530 is not supported. Is OutsideView, PuTTY or telserv supported? Thanks for any input.

Hi @bill.heller

Sorry for late reply.

Although the terminal activities documentation lists only a few options:

I’ve successfully tried with a simple SSH connection configured as such:

I would say, give it a try and see what is possible :slight_smile:

It’s not the Terminal App itself where the support counts, it’s the protocol.
In your case it seems to be 6530 protocol, so we can’t probably connect directly to the backend from UiPath (the way we do with IBM 3270 or VT220 for example). We’ll explore it.

For now, my suggestion is to use agnostic UI Automation on Win6530 (as with any Windows Desktop Application regardless of its type):

For Data Input: use Type Into or Send HotKey activities.
For Data Output: use Screen Scraping (with select region if need be) or Get Visible Text activity (essentially the same thing) and in case of tabular data (tables) just add a Generate Data Table activity on that output and format it using the Fixed Width Columns in its Options.

Don’t use a third party terminal. Use Direct Connection.

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Not sure it would work in his case (I’m simply not familiar with 6350), unless using simple base Telnet/SSH would just do.

If that works, Direct Connection is indeed the preferred access method and Win6350 won’t be even needed any longer.