How do you get support from UiPath through this forum?


I work as a consultant for an insurance company that has been evaluating UiPath. There is a requirement to interface to an HP Nonstop mainframe through a 6530 emulator. Bluezone was recommended, but after installing Bluezone and having connection issues, they indicated that 6530 emulation may not be supported by UiPath. Since we are using the community version of UiPath for evaluation, there is no way to open a support ticket to UiPath with any questions. UiPath has indicated that a forum question would be appropriate to resolve this issue, but I opened one several days ago and have received no replies.

I need to know if UiPath can interface to Bluezone configured as a 6530 terminal … Thanks …


hi Mike,
we don`t have an official support for that type of terminal.

Hi Gabriel … so do you mean that BlueZone will not work with UiPath when using 6530 emulation? I’m confused by what you mean by “official support”. If it somehow could work, Rocket software (BlueZone) and I can continue to try to get it working. If we need UiPath to commit time to getting it working, then I suppose Rocket software and I can stop trying. Thanks …

Did you read the link i ve shared?
We only suport 3 types of terminal servers (not clients) - TN3270, TN5250 or VT
As per my understading the one you ve asked about is a 4rth type, which we don t support.
I can t offer you any commitments on this case, i am part of the QA team.

Yes … I read the link several times before, but it implies that the UiPath generic software supports the terminal types that you mention when you use the connection activity in manual mode. If you switch activity to use an existing profile for an emulator package, then the terminal types are “greyed” out at the bottom. This implies that maybe other terminal emulation would work. That is my question. Rocket software reached the same conclusion and we needed clarification from UiPath. Thanks for the help …

I have worked in the financial services sector of IT for many years, on many HP NonStop applications. I feel that there is a real need for UiPath to support 6530 emulation to be successful in these companies.

@badita is our Product head, he can help you with such kind of requests.

OK … thanks Gabriel … I’ll follow-up and see if 6530 will eventually be UiPath option for HP Non-Stop/Tandem terminal connectivity or if there might be an alternative …