What does "Automation Developers" mean while installing using Enterprise/Advaced users?

Hello experts!
I am installing UiPath studio using community version but when i install it choosing it using “Enterprise/Advanced users” i got to know these options. . .

i just wanna know that does “Automation Developers” option means while installing studio, there is also the option for “Attended Robot” and “Unattended Robot” . What difference does it makes ? can anyone explain to these ?

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Attended would not install studio and would install robot in user mode

Unattended also would not install studio and installs robot in service mode

Automation developer will install studio and robot in user mode(the user mode is installed for you to run the automation while testing it


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It clearly explains what each one does, what each one installs. “Automation Developer” is for…developers…because developers need Studio. Attended and Unattended do not install Studio because they are only for running jobs which doesn’t require Studio.

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It allow to installation only one option in one system and it also gives details

Feature Studio StudioX Attended Robot Unattended Robot
Category Development Tool Development Tool Robot Type Robot Type
Purpose Design and build Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows Design and build workflows with a citizen developer focus Execute workflows alongside a human user Execute workflows independently
User Automation Developer Citizen Developer/Business User Human User N/A
Interaction Required for development and debugging Required for development and basic editing Required to trigger and monitor workflows Not required
Execution Not applicable (design tool) Not applicable (design tool) Runs on user’s machine Runs on dedicated server or cloud
Typical Use Cases Building complex workflows, integrating with various systems Building simpler workflows, automating repetitive tasks Assisting with data entry, scraping data, formatting documents Automating nightly data processing, report generation, background checks
Licensing Automation Developer or StudioX license required StudioX license required Attended Robot license required Unattended Robot license required

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