What doe the orange pencil icon mean in the latest update?

In the most recent update of UiPath Studio, something new came up, and I don’t understand what it means.

I attached an image below.

This can be seen under Project tab inside UiPath Studio. Some xaml files have an orange pencil icon on the left. What does this mean?
I first thought this means “been edited”, but this seems not to be the case because I saved the change but it is still there. I even closed the UiPath Studio and reopened it, but it is still there!

Can anyone explain to me what this means and how to get rid of it?


Have you opened that xaml file under this folder ?

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Yes. But I saved it too.
Why does it still stay there?


It’s showing like that because you opened that file. It’s indicating that you are trying to edit or working on that xaml file.

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Hi @tomato25,

have integrated svn, git or any other version control system into UiPath Studio?

I have this symbol when I have edited files and not commited them into my local git repository.
After right clicking and commiting my current status, the pencil and becomes the symbol that is next to the other xaml-files in you screenshots.

See also:

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I thought this was git too.
I am using git but, even committed programs still have a pencil.

But like others say, if I open a file and make changes, the pencil comes up.
Saving it wont make it go away, nor will saving it, closing the project and reopening make it go away.

did you also push it via git?
Maybe they changed the functionality and it is showing until it is pushed.

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@RPraschma is right. The icon displayed when integrated with git .


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