What is the meaning for Studio's icons?

Colorful icons are used through the Studio interface, but I have no idea what they actually represent? For example, sometimes my project worflows have a ‘pencil’ and other times a ‘plus sign’.

Where exactly can I find the web page that contains an icon legend?

You can start here for a deep overview of the interface: https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/the-user-interface. But for your specific question, i believe you are refering to the icons you can see in the Project Panel, the Check In Window and Object Repository panels. They appear when you are under source control (like SVN, TFS and Git). More on this here: https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/about-version-control. It would appear we did not document these specific icons. We will, thanks for the feedback.

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While we update our documentation I will use this discussion to provide details about the possible icons:
Following icons are shown when a project is under source control

  1. “pencil” - indicates modified files
  2. “plus” - indicates added files
  3. “branch” - indicates file is present on repo

Following icons are related to file properties. I named the file with the indicated property. Also if you right click on a file you get to see the contextual menu with icons and this is a good indication of the available options.

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