What does the little black arrow icon mean by the file names in UiPath Studio?

I am using Git to version control my project. There is a black arrow icon by the file names, and I don’t know what it means.

I understand that the orange pencil icon means that file has been modified, and it has not been pushed to the remote repository. When I commit and push, the orange icon disappears.

However, I don’t understand the black arrow. Also the difference between when there is that icon and when there is nothing. Look at the image below.

For some reason, when I try to commit and push the file without any icon (the first red-circled one in the above image), it won’t let me. So this seems not to be considered as “changes” as far as git is concerned.

The arrow indicates that the file is available or code is committed in GIT while the files without arrow states that the file is not available in git repo as far as I know. Please check whether the files without arrow are available in the git and confirm this @tomato25 :slight_smile:

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Why is that file not available in git repo? This is annoying because I just want to commit and push to Github, but these files without the arrow won’t even get pushed after a successful push. I don’t see those files in the Github repo. So I always end up uploading those files by hand, but this is risky because we might miss doing it sometimes.

how can I make those files available in git repo?

Not sure if you are selecting all the files to upload to Git, make sure you are selecting the parent folder so that it will upload all the files within that folder. If we select so, it will automatically upload. Not sure if you are missing anything