What are the features about Mobile Device Automation and Share some Usecases?

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I just wanted to know about mobile device automation feature in Ui Path and I don’t know exactly which Usecases it will support and If anyone knows kindly share some usecases on that.

Share it in-detail benefits of Mobile Device automation.!

Thanks in advance.

Hi @balakrishna1248,
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Please check out this topic:

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Hi Pablito,

I am not asking technically how to we can do it.

I am asking only what are benefits / Features using mobile device automation and share me some basic use cases .

Also I want to know when can we expect Task mining feature release in the market ?

Thanks in advance.

Actually the post I linked covers this question. With Mobile automation you have similar possibilities like in desktop where you can manage and automate processes on you device. For example generating reports from websites. Just imagine potential situation where you have remote access to some analytics tool of your company and you would like to present your customer something. You can automate some clicks, drags etc. and easily create some datasheet for someone.

Regarding Task Mining - this is still under preview. It’s hard to say when exactly this will be in official release as for us the key is to have product 100% ready for enterprise and this needs requires a lot of testing and designing.

Hi Pablito,

Thanks for your quick response but you shared that example that we can do in desktop as well right.

But do we have any specific usecases for mobile device automation. I think they might develop this feature that perspective right.(It’s not simple common automate tasks)
If you have any specific usecases for mobile device automation please share it to me.

Thanks in advance.

I meant this in relation to mobile apps. For example Mobile SAP aplications, Office apps etc. Where you can automate processes which are handled on mobile device.

Thanks for your reply Pablito.

Can you provide demo video on AI Fabric sentiment analysis on Video. If you have any use case like this please share it to me. Because I want show this use case to my client.

Thanks in advance.